We always pay attention to new trends in playground equipment.


Kids indoor colorful hand knitted climbing net

The Crocheted Playground is our latest project for kids. The material is the high-quality imported colorful nylon rope. The whole item is knitted manually. The tensile force of one single rope is more than 250KGS, equal to the weight of 10 kids. After the knitting, the tension of the net can be 10 ton. Besides, the colorful color can be accepted by kids easily and meet their mind.


  Attraction colorful nets, bright nets, cobweb labyrinth,net playground- as soon as this game complex is not called. Unusual appearance, striking design and amazing gaming features are what this type of relatively new gaming equipment is so fond of. Such an attraction is ideal for installation in shopping malls, hypermarkets, fitness centers, cafes and other premises.

  The playground set consists of many hand-woven multi-colored nylon threads, fixed on a solid structure. Due to the unique properties of the material and the special weaving, the nets are soft and springy. Such an attraction is never empty, children of any age can play for hours in it. Colorful nets playground is a unique attraction that has no alternative, therefore, by installing it in a play area, we can say with confidence that it will become a place of attraction and a favorite place for outdoor activities for children of any age.


The colorful net playground is made to order based on the individual wishes of the customer, as well as taking into account the features and size of the area.

In addition, colored nets can be integrated as an additional game module, such as a game or rope maze, which will greatly expand their play possibilities.


Post time: Jan-19-2022