We always pay attention to new trends in playground equipment.


Trampoline centers are fun entertainment for children of all ages. The latest technologies and materials make it possible to manufacture equipment for trampoline centers of any size and layout, and this is the reason for the growing popularity of such entertainment. In addition, trampoline centers are a fairly profitable type of small business that does not require certain knowledge or special training to run it.
In order to open a trampoline center, you must fulfill two main conditions:
1.Select a spacious room
2.Purchase reliable equipment
The room for the play trampoline complex must have a sufficiently large area, be high (from 4m), and free from various protruding or hanging structures. An ideal room for trampolines would be a spacious flat, square or rectangular room with a ceiling height of more than 4 meters. When choosing a good premises, you should also focus on its location, it should be located in a well-developed area of the city, have convenient access roads, parking, etc.


The main requirements for equipment for trampoline centers include its reliability and safety. Materials and all structural elements must have a large margin of safety and be hypoallergenic. Trampolines with such characteristics can be made only by a manufacturer with advanced and modern technologies and production facilities. In other words, the equipment for the trampoline center must be of factory quality.
Having in hand a detailed layout of the room, you can start choosing the trampoline arena itself. You can choose the appropriate option in our catalog, then send a request with the necessary comments through the feedback form, or by contacting us by phone. After that, the company’s consultant will provide all the information of interest, as well as advise on all issues related to the selection and purchase of trampoline equipment.


Post time: Jan-12-2022